Icecube EnclosureIt was about high time to let go off my old (old as in a few months old) FW harddrive enclosure. I used to have this enclosure from Zynet. It was not possible to boot from it, and it was highly unstable. Disks come and go as they see fit, disks not popping up when you plug it in… and so on.

So now I finally got the Ice Cube enclosure. This one’s based on the solid Oxford 911 bridge, in contrast to the one from Zynet and many others…

So, if you ever think about getting an external FW harddrive, and you want to buy the enclosure and disk separately, go for the Ice Cube. I am not the only one to say it’s about the only useable of its kind…

In the US, you can get this enclosure from OWC. If you look elsewhere, it’s made by MacPower.



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