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It hit me the other day, why is there no IIAA – Imaging Industries Association of America?

File sharers have long struggled against the RIAA and the MPAA. Most webhosts will shut your account down immediately if you put an mp3 or a movie on your site. Or a piece of software for that matter. But what about images? It could be a desktop picture, a piece of art, or just a simple little gif image that you grabbed off some site. The legality of this is no different than any other copyrighted material, yet I don’t think anyone really care.

It’s the big guys who can afford to really pursue the violators. And the rest of us? Well, I guess we just have to live with people stealing our work…


Looks like my comments stopped working after I applied the no-www-thingie. That’s three weeks ago – did anyone even notice? (except for you Eivind) Well, all is well now, but gone is the no-www-tweak. I couldn’t bother to tweak my MT code to fix it the hard way 🙂

One more thing…
In hope of getting less comment spam, commenting will now be closed for posts older than 4 weeks. So basically, if you wish to comment, visit the blog “fairly” regularly 🙂


That’s right, today I launch a new site: is a small database of lyrics. It will grow in time, but it will never be huge. My mission is simply to have a place to store lyrics for some good songs, hoping that someone else Googling for it will find my site. Why? Because its simple, clean, and not filled with ads. Enjoy 🙂 Oh, and check out the nice animated button/banner I made for it (in the sidebar). Fell free to link to it if you like 🙂


iLife 05


I’ve had the new iLife version for a day now, and rather than giving a thorough review, here are my first impressions:

– box is smaller than previous two versions
– disk has cooler design

– You can now use your keyboard as a, well, keyboard. Got that? It’s really pretty cool. Of course, you have only one octave at a time, but it will still do for cheap electronic music.
– Notation view… well, I really couldn’t find this during my 10+ minutes of testing…

– OMG! It’s the same version you got from the net some weeks ago. Who would have thought?

iMovie HD:
– Speed is promised, but I didn’t really have time to import anything, so we’ll see about that later…
– New effects? Can’t say I was overwhelmed with them, but I’m sure they’re in there somewhere…
– HD and widescreen support. No clue if my camcorder support 16:9 yet, but we will soon find out.

– New themes! They are better than ever, but c’mon… there is hardly any innovation in this app since version 1 – then again, I have no idea what they could add to it…

– New books! No, I’m not being sarcastic. This is actually one of the cooler features. The mini and medium softbound books look totally awesome! (great gifts)
– Lots of new editing options, like brightness and contrast and other manual things. Don’t know about you, but I will never have to turn to Photoshop again before submitting my photos for development.
– Search! This is BIG! iLife gets more and more expensive for each year, but I was lucky to pick it up at education discount, so for me at least, the price is still justified – even for iPhoto alone.



Polished iMac + Sunlight =
Nice reflection on ceiling 🙂



Foof AfroMy foofpod arrived!
A handmade iPod sleeve from down-under you say? Is that possible? Oh yes! And it’s good. It fits my mini perfectly, and it looks good 🙂 And it’s only $12 plus s&h as of this writing.

Order yours now! Btw, mine is the “Afro Stripe” variant. Might be gone when you read this, as they stock new fabrics all the time, and old ones have to leave. Very friendly people though, so pay them a visit, and pick up a sleeve for your iPod or laptop.



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