It hit me the other day, why is there no IIAA – Imaging Industries Association of America? File sharers have long struggled against the RIAA and the MPAA. Most webhosts will shut your account down immediately if you put an mp3 or a movie on your site. Or a piece of software for that matter. … Read moreIIAA

iLife 05

I’ve had the new iLife version for a day now, and rather than giving a thorough review, here are my first impressions: General: – box is smaller than previous two versions – disk has cooler design GarageBand: – You can now use your keyboard as a, well, keyboard. Got that? It’s really pretty cool. Of … Read moreiLife 05


My foofpod arrived! A handmade iPod sleeve from down-under you say? Is that possible? Oh yes! And it’s good. It fits my mini perfectly, and it looks good πŸ™‚ And it’s only $12 plus s&h as of this writing. Order yours now! Btw, mine is the “Afro Stripe” variant. Might be gone when you read … Read morefoof!