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It’s not often I get spam in Norwegian, and even less so attempts of scamming.

However, I got this email the other day, and I can’t help but thinking about the nigerian emails we’ve all gotten. There is just something that’s not right about it. But I might just be paranoid. I probably am. Since not everyone reading this blog might be reading norwegian, I’ll just give a little excerpt.

The header is a complete norwegian postal address, no p.o box. Our man greets me by my first name. Explains that he is a boy from a norwegian city (no need to give out that name either), and that he is collecting pictures of famous and a some less famous people. During the past 10 years he has received about 5400 letters from 79 nations. Pretty well done. That’s over a letter a day! He’s also received answer from about 550 writers. He offers to send me a list of some of the writers whom he has received answer from.

Why all the writers? I’m not a writer – in fact, I hate books. I don’t know of any writers with my name either. And I’m neither famous, nor less famous. “Unfamous” is more like it.

He then moves on to ask me to send him a picture with a signature on it. He makes it clear the signature must be REAL. The picture however, need not be new.

Yesterday, he got a reply from the actor Linus Wahlgren. I have no idea who he is, and something tells me he didn’t invent Linux at least. But then he wishes me a prosperous and happy new year!

Sounds like a nice guy. No really. And I know some of these weirdos exist. But how did he find me? And WHY did he find me? At first I though: silly weirdo – but after hours and hours, I started thinking: what could a person NOT do with my picture and signature?

Comments? Experiences?


Browsing around in my webserver logs today, I found something interesting. Iceland accounted for the most use of my bandwidth during the month of February. Now that was unusual, what happened?

After further investigation, it all boiled down to 2 linkings. One of them being a link to my photo gallery from my trip to Iceland last year, at (430 hits) The second was a link (now removed it seems) to my short movie Leskedrycken, from (137 hits)

Pretty minor, but still pretty cool 🙂



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