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So a friend told me I look just like Dawson from Dawson’s Creek. To prove she is right, I bring you this.



Nude No More!


You might’ve noticed a new button over in the sidebar (3. from top) – has about the coolest t-shirts you’ll ever find! I recently bought Kiddie Keg and Less Talk thanks to Eivind who made me aware of a sale they had – and the site itself. Thanks buddy 🙂

If you look at the user submitted images for the two shirts, you might find someone familiar 😉 But please oh please, if you ever plan on buying anything from them – I would much appreciate you use my referral link. Just click the button and you help me out without it costing you anything. Thanks!


Home Makeover


CablemessIt’s been a while. Over the last few weeks, I have, among other things, given my room a makeover. I could tell you this is the reason for no blogging – but I’m afraid there are other factors. Mainly World of Warcraft and just me being lazy.

This is what it looked like behind my desk before the makeover, and it’s basically the way it has always looked, and still does – just this time I actually got behind to take a shot. More pictures of the room (before and after) will come at some point.

Other things worth noting: World of Warcraft is awesome, PowerBook is a lot happier with 1.25 GB of RAM (from OWC), school still pretty much sucks, Mountain Dew made it to Norway.



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