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Total Recall


Recent discoveries made me put out a new comic!




Time for a roundup of what people search for to find my site. So without further ado, here are a few of this months 149 search-phrases.

nigerian lyrics site
intitle index of /etc
scammers signature
donald tellefsen
ichat status stuck offline
iphoto themes
fjortisviewer windows
norwegian button blog
ichat nude
schnappi photo gallery
2004 carwash
keyboard music for incomplete by backstreet boys
evocam serial
anything drawing
hot jedi
oslo girl
lyrics from unfamous people
cheap ipod
tess the second you sleep lyrics
i wish i was a little bit taller i wish i was a baller lyrics
first aid kit

A rather varied selection I think. To help others who might be searching for the same: my name is not Donald, FjortisViewer will likely never be released for Windows, pay for your webcam software, Schnappi is here – and if you are looking for lyrics, you could try this site.


Funny I haven’t mentioned this before on the blog actually…

I was quite the regular viewer of TheScreenSavers last fall to be honest. But when the “new” TSS was launched, without the old crew, I lost interest. Now, Kevin and Dan would probably be my favorite guys – sure Alex is cool, he looks good on-screen, but he’s not the uber tech-guy that I at least WANT to be 🙂

So what’s all this got to do with everything? Well, Kevin, Dan, and some of the other TSS-folks (and friends) have been making their own shows, too. Now that Kevin finally lost his contract with TSS (last show tomorrow), he will be focusing on his “own” shows full-time. I think it’s great!

I realize this post makes very little sense to people who have no prior “experience” with these guys. All I can say is download one or more of the current three episodes of thebroken (advertised as a “40’z and hacking”-show) – or grab the current only episode of the new Systm-show (general interest HOW-TO show). It’s all computing/tech/hacking/modding-kinda-releated. I love it. The cool thing about these shows, is that as opposed to TSS, there is no big corporation backing them up (or stabbing them in the back). If they wish to do something on file-sharing, backing up your own DVDs, or “borrowing” others wifi-access – they’ll do it.

“Why should I watch something made by a couple of guys in a basement?” – these are NOT your average garage guys. The fact they both have a “long” history on national tv, plus a above average budget, proper equipment, and professional help – it just makes it worthwhile. I hope you will check them out, and discover just how cool they are. But you gotta be a bit geeky, like me 😉

Oh, and Threadless has a $10/shirt sale again – till June 6th! Get earths coolest tee’s while you can!



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