Time for a roundup of what people search for to find my site. So without further ado, here are a few of this months 149 search-phrases.

nigerian lyrics site
intitle index of /etc
scammers signature
donald tellefsen
ichat status stuck offline
iphoto themes
fjortisviewer windows
norwegian button blog
ichat nude
schnappi photo gallery
2004 carwash
keyboard music for incomplete by backstreet boys
evocam serial
anything drawing
hot jedi
oslo girl
lyrics from unfamous people
cheap ipod
tess the second you sleep lyrics
i wish i was a little bit taller i wish i was a baller lyrics
first aid kit

A rather varied selection I think. To help others who might be searching for the same: my name is not Donald, FjortisViewer will likely never be released for Windows, pay for your webcam software, Schnappi is here – and if you are looking for lyrics, you could try this site.


One Response to “NUDE ICHAT!!”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    Haha, I particularily liked donald tellefsen, fjortisviewer windows, keyboard music for incomplete by backstreet boys and hot jedi.

    Much nicer list than mine, too.. mine is fairly boring with only a few good ones..


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