I took a couple evenings to make a “boombox” for my JBL Creature speakers. The purpose was to gather the tweeters, sub/amp, power supply and cables – in one box. This was after spending some time looking for solutions for getting decent sound outta my PowerBook when spending time outside. Since the Creatures won’t run on battery power, they are limited to garden use. But I have a feeling I wouldn’t take my PB to the beach anyway… So now I basically got one box that I take outside whenever I want to enjoy some sunlight. And it will even protect the stuff from bird poo, ice cream and a lighter shower. It’s open in the back for easy access (and removal). And I *might* decorate/paint it at some point… Should you wish to make something similar yourself, I reckon these pictures will do just fine for inspiration… (click images for full-size)






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