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I wanted to watch some Futurama today, but my PowerBook refused to play the disk. DVD Player opened when the disk was inserted, but it didn’t start playing, nor did it show up on the desktop. DVD Player complained about “Supported Disc Not Available”. That’s strange I thought, and tried another disk. Worked flawlessly. So I inserted the disk in my iMac, and found it played fine. Perhaps my drive is strict, and gets all confused over a little scratch or something, I thought. Although I couldn’t really see any scratches on the disk. So anyway, I burned a copy on the iMac, using MacTheRipper and Roxio’s Popcorn.

Still no go. Then I found a little tip on the Apple Discussion area about running the daily/weekly/monthly cron maintenance tasks. I used the old and out-of-date MacJanitor – “because it works”. And everything is now working again. So now you know, just in case the same problem should happen for you at some point.


Opera Mini


Xgrape MobileNot much to say. The future is here, now.

Long version: Opera Mini is the Opera browser, now running on ANY JAVA-capable phone (so in general, any phone).




Mike made me discover how much depth a polaroid-look gives to a photo, over just posting the plain picture. Now anyone can make “great pictures”! Like this one. It’s nothing special in its own. Its actually rather boring, and crappy. But add a little border, rotate it, add a drop-shadow. Gosh I hate how the very n00b-photoshop tactics can actually make something BETTER. What do you think? Is it cheap?




Selecting multiple items (files, folders, other objects) on a GUI level can be frustrating. For this example, we will be selecting files with names a, b, c, d and so on, to z.

Windows: ctrl-clicking a and z will select the files a and z. Shift-clicking a and z will select all files from a TO z (including a and z).

With the old MacOS 9 (and earlier), shift-clicking would only select the items you clicked. So shift-clicking a and z would only select a and z. There was no command for selecting FROM a TO z.

With OSX, Apple changed this to be more Windows-like. Shift-clicking now select a TO z. When you only want to select a AND z, you command-click them (since ctrl-click is basically a right-click on the Mac).

Today I imported some pictures from my camera, using Tiger’s Image Capture application. All os a sudden, command-clicking didn’t work at all – and shift-clicking was back to OS9-mode, only selecting a AND z.

Life can be so frustrating at times…


Digg It!


Added the feed of my ten most recent diggs in the sidebar today. Hope you find it useful 🙂

If you have no clue what Digg is: think slashdot merging with A tech/geek news site, relying solely on user submitted stories/links. If you find something you like, you “digg” it (add it to your bookmarks so to speak). When a story gets enough diggs, its promoted to the front page. Don’t forget to add me to your buddylist (username “xGrape”)!




Although I’m working on a completely new design for this site, I did some polishing on the old one today. The moblog is gone, so is the latest pic from SnapClub. The current iTunes track is now working again, and will link to the current song in iTMS. It is no longer live – updates once every hour. The search-function no longer opens results in new window. The RSS-feed is detected by Safari and other RSS-capable browsers. The “arrows” used in the navigation bar are now gif images instead of using the Webdings font. Enjoy – and watch out for the new site in the coming weeks!



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