I wanted to watch some Futurama today, but my PowerBook refused to play the disk. DVD Player opened when the disk was inserted, but it didn’t start playing, nor did it show up on the desktop. DVD Player complained about “Supported Disc Not Available”. That’s strange I thought, and tried another disk. Worked flawlessly. So I inserted the disk in my iMac, and found it played fine. Perhaps my drive is strict, and gets all confused over a little scratch or something, I thought. Although I couldn’t really see any scratches on the disk. So anyway, I burned a copy on the iMac, using MacTheRipper and Roxio’s Popcorn.

Still no go. Then I found a little tip on the Apple Discussion area about running the daily/weekly/monthly cron maintenance tasks. I used the old and out-of-date MacJanitor – “because it works”. And everything is now working again. So now you know, just in case the same problem should happen for you at some point.


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  1. 1 Thomas Horne

    WELL thank you so much. I just finished reading “Open Wide”, about Hollywood’s recent trend in marketing onslaughts and big opening weekends, and I decided I wanted to watch ‘Terminator 3’, which is featured in the book, and DVD Player wouldn’t read the disc – I found this posting through google, tried MacJanitor, and BOOM! Arnold’s back.

    [i like good movies as well, i swear]

    Thanks Again


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