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The new iMac


Say hello to the new iMac (in swedish)!


Think Front Row looks cool, but don’t plan on getting an iMac? Think Front Row is cool, but limited in functionality? Think Apple is stupid for not creating a competing product to Microsofts Windows Media Center edition?

Well, there are a at least a couple options on the Mac.
iTheater is scheduled for release on December 23., but check out the site anyway.
CenterStage however, is already available in alpha form. I haven’t had time to play much with it yet, but it looks promising.


My parents finally released the old car (a Golf III). I’ll be “borrowing” it for a start – however I’m entitled to do “whatever I like” with it. So for starters I’ll be hooking it up with a stereo.

JVC KD-G611 player. Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW. MP3 and WMA. Has AUX-input in the front for easy hookup of say, oh I dunno, an iPod perhaps;)
Zachry BX-4 in dashboard and BX-6 in front doors
Zachry B-12 woofer (600W) in the trunk (UPDATE 15.02: switched with a 12″ Xelent alu12. kept the Zachry enclosure)
Zachry 2150 amp for the woofer (540W bridged)

Still have to figure out a useable iPod docking solution…



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