Car worklog part 1: getting the parts

My parents finally released the old car (a Golf III). I’ll be “borrowing” it for a start – however I’m entitled to do “whatever I like” with it. So for starters I’ll be hooking it up with a stereo.

JVC KD-G611 player. Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW. MP3 and WMA. Has AUX-input in the front for easy hookup of say, oh I dunno, an iPod perhaps;)
Zachry BX-4 in dashboard and BX-6 in front doors
Zachry B-12 woofer (600W) in the trunk (UPDATE 15.02: switched with a 12″ Xelent alu12. kept the Zachry enclosure)
Zachry 2150 amp for the woofer (540W bridged)

Still have to figure out a useable iPod docking solution…