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So today at school, I overheard the now-famous “USB2 is way faster than FireWire”-argument for like the trillionth time. Enough is enough. No, I didn’t punch the poor guy in the face. Instead, I got back home, downloaded the free Disk Speed Bench X, and ran some tests.

Performance results:
Internal PowerBook HD (4200rpm, 8 MB cache (thanks Eivind))
20.72 MB/sec

External Maxtor drive, USB2 (7200rpm, 8 MB cache)

External Seagate drive in IceCube enclosure, FireWire (7200rpm, 8 MB cache)

Don’t pay too much attention to the internal drive. It’s meant for reference. It has to be said I had a few apps running from it at the time of testing, including playing back music via iTunes. Results might not be 100%.

What one can clearly see however, is that the FireWire drive is roughly 2.5 times faster than the one with USB2. The disks themselves are near identical. No apps or processes were running from these drives during testing.

Are my results “legit”? Only one way to find out! Whoever is reading this, and have access to both a USB2 and FW drive (or just one of them), please do some testing. Either using Disk Speed Bench X, or by means of copying a number of files, and timing with a stop watch. Leave a comment below with your findings, and I’ll update this post accordingly. Thanks! Time to show those PC users the truth 🙂


Guess Front Row isn’t really the software on everyones lips anymore? Well not only is it only available with new Macs (unless you grab some “enablers” and stuff), it’s also slow. Sluggish. Well, Equinux has just the solution. Meet MediaCentral. It looks very much like Front Row. It’s a tiny download (less than a megabyte unpacked). It’s wicked fast and responsive, even on my bloated PowerBook. It lacks some things that Front Row has, that I’m sure will make it into version 1.1 or something. Like, it’s very light on graphics. No cover art for music. No icons in the menus. Oh, and there is no way to watch your photos. BUT, it makes up for all this by adding some other features. Not only does it play DVD disks. It also plays VIDEO_TS folders (and finds them automagically on your connected disks). It plays divx/xvid and basically every other format you can think of (using mPlayer libraries). It can show your EyeTV recordings, and even live TV on select EyeTV models (or so I got the impression of. Didn’t work with my original EyeTV USB though). It can show several webtv stations, sorted by language. Yes, that is streaming TV, in either QuickTime, WMV or Real format.

Front Row main menu

MediaCentral main menu

Front Row DVD menu

MediaCentral DVD menu

Front Row movie trailers

MediaCentral movie trailers

Front Row music

MediaCentral music

Front Row photos

MediaCentral web tv

You should check it out, if this sorta thing interest you.

Oh, and try out Sandbox if you haven’t. It is to iWeb what a turkey is to a british breakfast.


This was supposed to be a post about how I searched around town (and a couple other towns) to find a bottle of Clearly Canadian – but ended up empty handed. Well, if you find one at some point – do yourself a favor and try it. And then send any leftovers my way.

Well instead, this post will be about Canada, and the US, and Norway.

For many years, Norway has been rated as the worlds best country to live in by the UN or whatever good organization that do this kinda ranking. Hey this is a blog ok, not some freakin’ encyclopedia. Lately though, I believe we have been passed by Canada. Good for them. I like Canada.

Yet, I think many of us still look at the US as the “holy grail” – the “promised land” or whatever else sounds nice and dandy. Cheap gas, cheap cars, cheap everything. A strong army, high crime percentage.

Canada has the best of both worlds. Prices might be a bit higher, I don’t know, but seeing how the welfare is better, I guess it would have to mean more taxes. But not ridiculous Norway-levels. And without that “Oh lok at mista G.W. he is like vewy tuff and all” leader.

Gas prices. Stop complaining. $3/gallon – “ooo it be so much!!!”. Well come visit us, and you too can enjoy the price of $7/gallon. Now stfu.

A Ford Mustang will set you back anywhere from about $20.000 to $30.000 in the states. Over here, the few I found were anywhere from $115.000 to $130.000. All 2005 models. Now $130.000 may sound like a lot. And it is. But here’s the deal: without the taxes, it would “only” be about $45.000.

With prices like that, I’m even a bit surprised there is any market at all for used cars in the US. But hey, I’m not the brightest guy on the block – just so you know. Now go spend some money – wherever you are.

End of stupid rant with no final conclusion or point.


iPhoto 6


What I want in iPhoto 6 in two days (MWSF Keynote): an easy way to tag images based on people that appear in them. Asking iPhoto to identify people on its own might be a little too much to ask, but here’s a suggestion: You start out by entering a few names for one image, and then for each new image you review, you will either have the ability to type in more names, or select already used names from a list. After a few images, I would bet that most of you would have all the friends you’ll ever get in that list. And from there on it should all be fairly quick. I know I would buy it…


Hope you all wore your safety hats and goggles last night, and that you are still pretty much alive. Either way: enjoy the new year!



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