iPod vs BluRay


Rumors popped up again today on the “video iPod” (as opposed to the current “iPod with video”). The latest crazy news is that it will feature a touch-sensitive screen! Now who made that up?! I mean, c’mon people, I’m so sick and tired of “rumors” that are nothing more than a matter of course. It’s like putting out a “hot rumor” that the next generation of PowerMacs will feature Intel chips and be “substantially faster”.

If Apple wants to make a real video iPod, something I think we can all agree they plan on doing, they would take the idea from a competitor, and make it work. You don’t need to look any further than the Creative something player. Take the same display size, make it crisper, brighter, higher rez. Add touch sensitivity. Make it fill the entire side, so the player will be no bigger than the actual screen. To do this, you would need to lose the buttons. Also make it slimmer, and add some kind of easily-scratched surface to prevent people from keeping it for a long period of time. The current scroll-wheel is already touch sensitive – putting a display on it, so to speak, is no big thing. There is no revolutionary thing here folks. Touch-screens have been in existence since the Newton. And probably before then too, but back then, my grandma wasn’t yet alive to tell me the story.

The next thing I hear people discussing at campus all day (in addition to the “USB IS WAY FASTER THAN FIREWIRE“), is the next-gen DVD formats. Will it be HD-DVD or BluRay that receives the winning ticket? Quite frankly, I have not followed the war too closely. I know that both formats have its strengths and its weaknesses – and that both are backed up by an equal number of big players. And movie studios.

What people are forgetting here, is that we already have 2 different formats today. DVD-R and DVD+R. Most people don’t know of this difference, because by the time DVD got big, both formats were supported by “everything”. If you are lucky enough to own one of the first Macs to feature a DVD burner, chances are it will only burn to DVD-R disks. And if you have an equally ancient DVD player – chances are it will only read DVD+R. I think. DVD+R is the format used by all commercial DVDs sold anyways. I think. This is not really my point here, just that there are 2 different formats (although the differences are subtle).

So who will win this time? HD-DVD? BluRay?
Why not both? Every player on the market (at least in a year from now, which will still be a couple years ahead of the time when “everyone” is gonna need one [HD]) will read both formats. And even most of the burners we are starting to see, can burn to both formats.
Some movie studios have already promised to deliver movies in HD-DVD format. And some have promised BluRay. Is that a problem? No. Because like I said, any given player will play both formats equally well. They have to, because we all know people aren’t going to buy two players, just so they can see movies from a different studio. So is there really any reason why these two formats should not play along? I think we’ll all just end up calling it “DVD 2”, “NextGenDVD” or “HD-DVD” (cos of the HD, you know) – but that the actual format will be of less importance. Kinda like when you buy a DVD today, it won’t say DVD-R or DVD+R on the box. Just my 2 scents.


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  1. 1 Eivind

    I think you have a good point.. the problem is for the early adopters – like us. The transition period is bound to be somewhat problematic, at least.. but when the transition is done and “regular people” get DVD 2 players, I suppose everything will be alright 🙂


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