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zero-day for me!:D


I might be hopelessly old-fashioned, but I still use CD-RWs for music in my car. So today I realized I needed a few more, and I grabbed the only kind available in the store. “Ooh, Verbatim, they are supposed to be good”, I thought. I get home, and I prepare to burn some legal mp3s onto it. What’s this? iTunes spits it out again? “Better try formatting it with Toast”. What? Toast rejects it also? Then I realize the text on the package might actually mean something. “32X Ultra Speed+”. Well, it appears my drive simply didn’t support burning to this format. Now Bluray or HD-DVD I could understand, but it’s years ago since I had a drive that would even get confused over DVD+R and -R… And now a CD has “new patented technology”? Well, good thing is: my iMac liked it. And I can only thank myself for destroying the original burner in it, cos otherwise it too would’ve been “too old”. So watch out when you get new media, cos it might be more high-tec than you would like to think…


New lights


Got some new tail lights, and direction lights in the front and on the side. Also, you can now follow my entire car worklog at Yeah!

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Img 3917Sm

Img 3918Sm



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