Dsc00107Today was gonna be a special day. A rewarding day. And it was, but only to a certain extent.

A local computer store was having a sale. And among all the niceties, there was a Mac mini to be found for $150. Bad news: they only had 5 units. Now I knew this ahead of time, and had a most devilish plan laid out – being there before opening hours. At first I thought: I’ll be there 2 hours early. Then: 1 hour early. Then I decided to bring my dad, as there was only “one unit per customer”. But my dad is getting old and slow, and we got there about 30 minutes before opening. Crap, already 10 people ahead of me in line. And the first ones came when? 2 hours before opening. Typical. It could’ve been me. Then rumors started buzzing that the rest of us could expect a “nice surprise”. Oh great I thought – cake, or perhaps a free keychain? But I stuck around. After all, you don’t get up at 6 in the morning, pick up your dad, and drive the whole way for nothing.

Turns out, we each got 2 gift certificates of $10 each (why not just one of $20 still puzzles me too). My dad isn’t too much into computers, so I even got his. Bottom line: I made $40 in computer stash in some 30 minutes. Not too shabby. It’s not cash, and it’s not a mini, but I’m sure I’ll find a good use for it eventually.

End stupid rant.



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