I might.
Silly film companies. Pushing anti-piracy propaganda onto me – the honest buyer who goes through all the hassle of PURCHASING a movie on DVD. Sure I like the good quality, and the ability to keep it on a trophy shelf is nice. But contrary to what you tell us, we can get the same quality by downloading it. And it would be faster. And easier. And cheaper. If you want us to buy your works, at least give us something the pirated version can’t – not the other way around. Nuff said. Now go out and buy the Goblet of Fire DVD – even if it has the stupid handbag-ad on it.


One Response to “Would You Steal a Handbag?”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    I wonder where they could put the anti-advertising as to reach the people who need to hear it and not the people who actually buy some DVDs at least.. hmm.


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