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So Napster decided to take on Apple by releasing an MP3 player. I expected to see a terrible iPod clone, but was caught by surprise. This wasn’t an iPod clone at all. Something was just a bit too familiar though…



Yep, it looks just like my qTek cellphone. Same materials (the black front is glossy on the phone as well, the picture just doesn’t do it justice – and the back plastic looks pretty alike too), same round corners on the top, same screen it seems, the buttons on the side (volume?) have the exact same size, and same position. And is it just me, or is that a mic down below the navigation wheel? Just how much of this device has been recycled? So much for OEM…


And yes: the screen is THAT glossy. Absolutely lovable.

Ds Glossy

Ds Complete

Three great games indeed:)



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