Safari is by no means the “ultimate” browser, but nevertheless is the one I use on a day-to-day basis.

It all started when I found a bug on, and decided to give the latest nightly build of webkit a spin. Well, it didn’t work. Told me I had to remove any plugins I had installed, and then it crashed. Well why bother. If they couldn’t make it a bit smoother for me to help them improve Safari, like say, just ignore the installed plugins, I’d let them have the bug. Only problem was that webkit had wiped out all my cached favicons when I returned to Safari.

I searched high and low for a tool that would restore all my favicons. Even something as basic as an applescript that opened every bookmark in a new tab. Nope. Nothing. Obviously I was the only person on this planet who had ever seen the need for something like this. And this wasn’t my first time mind you.

My solution was to right-click every folder in my bookmarks menu and choose “Open in tabs”. You could drag every folder and bookmark into a new folder to do this with one single click, but bear in mind that this will slow down Safari to a crawl if you have a lot of bookmarks. My largest folder had 270 bookmarks in it, and closing the first 50-some tabs was a pain.

So there you have it, a sleek way to fix your favicons. As a side bonus, you might even get some updated icons this way, since Safari caches these files forever and won’t care about updates.

Remember to make a backup of your ~/Library/Safari/Icons folder afterwards:)



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