So ’tis the season to be jolly isn’t it? And as with all things jolly, comes something bad. Christmas cards aren’t necessarily something bad. Writing them however can be a pain when you’re used to the digital gizmos.

For instance, I was at the post office the other day with a friend, to send a package. And before handing it in I had to write the address on it. On the way out, my friend commented: “I saw you struggled with that address”. It’s true, my hand just doesn’t follow my brain when I hold something thin and long that make lines.

The biggest problem however, is when you want to use things that aren’t traditionally part of the ancient glyphs. Like smileys. Today, I’m trying to write a few Christmas cards, but for every other line I write, I feel like putting in a smiley. It even feels so weird without them, that I write a little 🙂 nevertheless.

Am I crazy?



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