Welcome back!

As I hope you notice, quite a lot has changed here. The first thing, which you probably DIDN’T notice, is that the site is moved to a new server. I’m now hosting with DreamHost. Everything should be a bit snappier, and hopefully more stable.

Second I moved the blog from MovableType to WordPress. Migrating an outdated version of MovableType and its DBs was too much of a hassle, not to mention keeping it up-to-date. Spam protection was sub-par too.

Dreamhost offers WordPress as a one-click installation, and the same goes for updating. Great!

So naturally with the new CMS came new looks. My initial plan was to stick with the default template for a short term while creating a new template from scratch. Doing so is a ton of work however, and I found a template already installed that really captured 99% of what I had already planned. Only a lot better than what I ever could have done myself, with lots and lots of web2.0 goodness. My template is “based on” Unsleepable by Ben Gray which in turn is based on K2.

I’m not even sure if it’s fair of me to say it’s based on Sleepless, because it really IS Sleepless. I swapped the logo for my own (which looks a bit more 2.0ish), removed a few boxes here and there, and added the little “about”-thingie you see in the sidebar.

Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a proper rewamp at a later point, but for now what you see is what you get. And if you ask me, that isn’t a bad thing. All props to Ben though!

So, what else is different?
Well the entire site is a whole lot simpler for starters. Originally it had a menu at the top, linking to “About”, “Photo” and “Video” just like my old blog. I decided to scrap it all together though. I really just had to ask myself: how simple can I make this site? For every piece I added, I needed to think if it could be done in some other way, or dropped altogether.

So, gone is the “Music” page, because in all the years my old layout was serving, I never got a single composition up there. “Video” is gone, because really all the clips were old, crappy, and if I ever made something new, I could just post it right on the blog. The same applies to “Photo”, altough the single photo gallery I ever put up (from Iceland) is stilll available. You just won’t find a dedicated link to it any more 🙂 New photos will ALL be posted to flickr – which you can also find in the sidebar. And finally, the “About” page is also moved to the sidebar. Because really: there isn’t a whole lot to say about me that you would be interested in knowing, and that isn’t already reflected through my postings in one way or another.

I also added a new 404-page, hopefully won’t scare off people who bookmarked one of my old pages, or followed a link somewhere. I can also tell you that my previous category pages for my “car worklog” and “mac geniuses web comic” will be returning soon. As for lyrics.xgrape.net, well it’s all there. But only as static pages from MovableType. No DB atm. I’ll import the entries into a new WordPress blog at some point. Whatever else you can’t see here anymore, is likely gone 🙂

Feel free to add a comment about what you would like to see (more of), if there is anything you miss, or in general what you think about the makeover.

4 thoughts on “Welcome back!”

  1. Wow Arve – så fin siden har blitt!! Veldig annerledes enn den forrige ja, men fortsatt stilig. Likte fargekombinasjonene.

    Blir det mer oppdatering fremover nå eller? (Og er det dumt at jeg skriver på norsk her??)


  2. Eivind: Thanks for the feedback, hopefully I’ll keep it updated this time;)

    Annikken: Helt greit at du skriver på norsk. Håper å oppdatere litt oftere nå ja, men tenker også å lage en egen norsk del med litt mer hverdagslige ting 😉 Godt du liker designet!

  3. Hverdagslige ting liker vi:) Da er det lettere å holde seg oppdatert på hverandres liv og leven, som det så fint heter!!

    Men jeg skal nok følge med på denne også – selv om det blir mest om Mac og slikt;)

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