Haven’t blogged too much about my car lately I guess. Probably because I usually keep that discussion to the forums. Which in turn could be because most of my readers are geeks. Well it’s time for some new pictures nevertheless. My latest “big” project has been painting the roof and panels on the inside. I’m pretty happy with the results if I may say so 🙂 Even more has changed since these pictures were taken, but it’s not ideal to shoot new ones with the current weather situation – aka snow.









2 Responses to “My little ruby…”  

  1. 1 annikken

    Oj! Har du fått deg bil? Det visste jeg ikke… Stilig!!
    En aldri så liten rånebil, om man kan si det? Tipper du og Jon Eivind har litt å snakke om der:)

  2. 2 Andreas

    Har da hatt den siden ifjor høst. Altså halvannet år 🙂 Bil må man ha når man bor grisgrendte strøk!


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