I always believed that computers would be the future, and that “when I grew up”, books and paper would be redundant. I realize now however, that I was wrong. Paper is definitely here to stay.

The older I get, the more money I get. And surprisingly, the more money I get, the more magazines I buy. I’m not a big book guy, but I guess I get more books than I did before too.

I currently subscribe to two street car magazines. The Norwegian edition of Max Power, and another one called Gatebil. Apart from those, I don’t really get any specific ones. Might pick up FHM or T3 every now and then. I have to say: T3 really is a terrific magazine. They did to magazines what Top Gear did to tv. Praise be the brits.

I also read the Norwegian comic Nemi quite often. Some translated comics here.

Mac magazines however… they used to be all the rage, and I still have a giant stack of MacFormat laying around somewhere. It’s just I spend so much time on the internet nowadays, I don’t have time for yet more Mac reading. Plus, none of it will really be news by the time it hits the presses anyway. And who needs the cover disk?

There is just something about getting comfortable on the couch. Pick up a mag, make a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Sure I can sit down with my laptop too, but it won’t be the same.

It’s almost the same with the Nintendo DS. It’s small and easy to pick up. And many games are made just for that “story reading” experience. Two of my favorites, Another Code / Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk, are both interactive novels so to speak. Lots and lots of dialog, and basically just playing through a story. A book. And I feel comfortable taking it to the living room or even playing it on the bed. Because in the end, that is the whole reason for books: its cozy.


2 Responses to “Paper is the new screen”  

  1. 1 Anna

    Well, I absolutely agree that books hove a higher coziness factor, but I grew to like reading most of the comics online and I wouldn’t want it any other way (and yay, Nemi is one of my all-time favourites!) here another site for translated Nemi comics

  2. 2 Andreas

    Thanks for the link Anna, it was better than mine! I’m glad this comic has spread somewhat. The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet (db.no) even have Nemi on their wap-portal, so I can read it on the go. I like that. Still bought the book though… 🙂


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