Let it snow!


So the weather has been pretty rough here the last couple of days. Yesterday we couldn’t even get out. School was closed. The highway was closed. Many stores were closed. Today was a tiny bit better, and we were able to fill up on food supplies again. Hooray!

This is the view from our kitchen window today. Doesn’t look too bad…

This however might explain the difficulties of getting outside. Lucky for us, we are able to get out through the floor above us. Cos this door ain’t moving for sure.

The living room is even worse. Gets pretty dark…

And this is why. The windows are below those wood panels.

Not to mention getting the car loose is a lot of work…


2 Responses to “Let it snow!”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    Haha, that’s just funny (from up here in the cold “north”, anyway). I suppose there is a thing as too much snow..

  2. 2 ragne

    Feite! Skjønner at dere ikke kom dere ut! Godt dere har fylt opp provianten. Da holdes humøret oppe:) stå på!


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