I guess now is the time I should simply say “Picture says it all”, but I feel like I wanna add some more meat to the bone, as we say in Norway.

I was getting so sick and tired of Safaris sluggishness. So I finally ditched it in favor of Firefox!

And what a difference! I can scroll without lag, and when I click a link, it opens. Immediately.

The 3 big reasons for switching: Firefox is a whole lot faster (for me anyway). Firefox is more compatible. My biggest annoyances have been that Safari doesn’t work with my online banking solution, and it doesn’t work with the comment system on Blogger 2.0. The third reason for switching is quite simply because of the Add-ons.

So it’s better than Safari. Are there things I miss? Sure there are! The first thing is that while Safari will use your history and bookmarks for the location bar auto complete, Firefox will only use your history. This sucks. Lucky for me there is an add-on to fix it, called myurlbar. It even allows you to type the names of sites, and any part of the url, not just the start.

Other add-ons I can’t be without are Adblock Plus and DownThemAll!. I’m still looking for a way to always remember login info when submitting a login form, so I don’t have to hit “remember” every time. Let me know if you know of one 🙂


3 Responses to “Firefox yeah baby!”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    I’m still sticking with Safari – I like the UI much better.. but at some point I suppose I’ll switch for a while too. Then perhaps back to Safari again. I sort of like and hate both..

  2. 2 Andreas

    I agree the UI is better in Safari, but it’s not enough to keep me 🙂 I guess Camino could be a compromise, if only it supported add-ons…

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