Webhosting saga


Paul Kafasis over at Rogue Amoeba gives his thoughts on web hosting, and the experience he gained over the years with “cheap hosting”. He mentions 4 “rules” of web hosting, and the path Rogue Amoeba has chosen as time went by. The first rule is: You get what you pay for. And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had my fair share of hosts (4 for this blog alone, not counting the space provided by my ISP waaay back in the days), and I’ll update you all with the contestants and thoughts right below. While we both stay with DreamHost at the moment, Paul does indeed recommend you find another host if you want your sites to be up 24/7. What do I think? Read on for the full story.

Way back when computers were beige
Moved around like a bum. Free hosts. My ISP. Friend let me stay on his server with FeaturePrice. OSX was new, and Carracho was the way to get it. Good times.

May 2003
Moved from FeaturePrice to GetMeHosted. GMH was a great host, it really was. It was pretty costly (given the low bandwidth and space allowances), but they were reliable and had good support. Then one day, something went terribly wrong. Their entire data center went down, and stayed that way for quite a few days. They moved to a new one, which I guess sorted things out. However, I was in dire need of more space (and upgrading my plan with them would cost too much), and this was the drop for me… They are still around, but their website (which was rumored to be getting an overhaul at that time) doesn’t look to have been updated, and their plans are still the same…

April 2004
Moved from GetMeHosted to ReadySetConnect. This was a huge upgrade in terms of space and bandwidth. Had it recommended by a friend. And again: in the beginning, all was good. Support was fast and good. Servers were speedy enough. Then they outsourced the support to India, which resulted in endless loops of emails back and forth before a problem was solved. They eventually brought support back to the US, but then they started overselling… servers got slower and slower… and then came downtime. Lucky for me, by that time, I had been with DreamHost for many a month, and some of my sites were already moved over…

February 2007
Moved from ReadySetConnect to DreamHost. This is were I’m at right now. So far I’m happy, but it remains to see for how long…



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