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Ooh a sports car! Well yes, but this one runs on clean and pure electricity! 100%!
I’m all for electric cars. That’s something you expect to hear from ordinary people, but not from people who truly care about cars. Well I do, and I still would love to have an electric car. Some time…
I mean the Prius looks terrible, and is definitely no car for a real man. And having to charge the car every now and then, with nowhere to find an outlet. It’s not ready for prime time. Except for if you have the Tesla Roadster. It looks stunning! And it does 0 to 60 mph (or 0 to 100 km/h) in 4 seconds! It also does 250 miles, or roughly 400 kilometers, per charge. Not shabby. Best part: it’s not a concept! You can buy one right away (if you can afford the base price of $92,000)!
I can agree with most people that now is not the time to get an electric car. But: if I could get a car that looks the same as the one I have, with the same performance, the same price and easy access to charging – of course I would rather pick one that runs on electricity than gas or diesel. Imagine pushing the pedal down and feeling the boost without the noise. A completely silent car. Just the sound of tires on road. I think it would be really weird in the beginning, but oh man what a joy it would be.
Future looks bright 🙂



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