Blogger-WheelchairSo have you ever encountered this screen when posting a comment on Blogger? I have, and I’ve always wondered why I would like to place an order for a wheelchair while I’m there! Ok, so let’s say the button is NOT for ordering a wheelchair, what else could it be? Well, I sat back and got to thinking. Where had I seen this symbol before? Right, on toilets that are wheelchair accessible! So was Blogger a toilet full of crappy comments? Or was it wheelchair accessible? Neither!

After a nights sleep, it dawned on me it might not symbolize anything related to wheelchairs at all. Maybe it was simply a symbol for “disabled” people? You know, like hearing impaired, or blind people. Yep, I study design so I know how it’s important to make websites accessible for people who for instance rely on speech/sound to “read” a website (remember to tag all navigation elements with alt-text people!). Knowing it doesn’t mean I follow through with it though 😉

So, while I know how important it is to make things accessible for a small group of people, I don’t really understand how it works. If you can’t hear, how will pushing the wheelchair help you? And if you can’t see, how will you know to push the wheelchair? Best of all, pushing it does NOTHING! No sound, no graphics, no nothing!

Good work Google! I’ll be ordering my wheelchair now…


10 Responses to “Order wheelchair!”  

  1. 1 H

    Works like a charm with IE. No big surprice there really :p
    What is surpricing is that Firefox prompts a missing program addon, and wants me to install Apple Qucktime…

  2. 2 Anna

    Mozilla does the job for me without any complains, and sometimes I wish this service was also available on rapidshare, for example. It happened to me more than once that I got the sequence wrong because it was excessively unreadable – am I a bot, then? (and no, I wasn’t trying to type in a horizontal 8 or something…)

  3. 3 Andreas

    Hehe, yep they sure can be tricky at times. Usually if I get something wrong, its an o or a zero. I can’t imagine what the world would be without them though. We have enough spam already.

  4. 4 annikken

    Så komisk, jeg har sett den rullestolen uten å “se” den hvis du skjønner, det er jo egentlig et litt komisk symbol ja…

    Jeg har ikke satt den på mitt kommentatorfelt, men må nok innføre det hvis det begynner å komme spam, som jeg foreløpig har sluppet unna… Synes det er så kjedelig å skrive den inn hver gang! (Og vanskelig, som dere er inne på…)

  5. 5 annikken

    Men, forresten, er du på facebook snart eller?

  6. 6 Andreas

    Facebook sier du? Må kanskje bite i det sure eplet snart…

  7. 7 H

    Myspace-> Facebook-> virb

  8. 8 annikken

    Du må definitivt bite i det:)
    Masse Sagavollinger der ihvertfall! Men, det kan også være avhengighetsskapende…

  9. 9 Anna
  10. 10 Andreas

    Oooo, hehe, I like that one Anna. Nice find. Industrial design is really something that I find interesting. Great link indeed 🙂


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