Hallvard links to Bum Rush the Charts, and wonders what impact it will have.

Basically, this is a campaign (don’t forget the Shutdown Day campaign either!) designed to “strike fear into the hearts of the music industry and make an independent music artist #1 on iTunes”. Right. But how you ask?

All they ask if that you on March 22nd log onto the iTunes Store and purchase “Mine Again” by the band Black Lab. Taking this independent band to the top of the sales chart (for one day) is somehow supposed to make the big companies shiver in fear?

But hold your hat, there is more. They even promise to give away 50% of the earnings to college scholarships. How noble.

They also ask that you help out by digging their story, giving EVERY BLOG ENTRY a thumbs up at stumbleupon, as well as watching 3 different YouTube videos and rating them with 5 stars.

So what impact WILL IT HAVE, Hallvard? Lots and lots of money in the pockets of an indie artist, if all goes according to plan. Besides that… not much I guess. And no, I’m not paid by the RIAA to write this.


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    Linking to it, are we? Cotributing to the viral marketing, are we?


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