Bad movies


Continuing with movies…

Last Saturday I went to see Epic Movie. I was expecting it to be “ok”. The trailer was funny, and I also enjoyed all the Scary Movies. It actually turned out better than what I was expecting! Yep, I’m probably the only person on earth to say this, but I liked it. Was it “awesome”? Probably not, but definitely better than the 1s and 2s the big newspapers were giving it on the dice. Shame on you!

Another bad movie I saw recently, was Battle Royale II. This one however, was physically bad. As in the disk was broken. I had been waiting for the movie for 3 months (it was out of stock when I ordered), and I was looking forward to see it one evening. I started watching it, but suddenly my DVD player froze. I tried a couple more times, but it kept freezing at the exact same spot, and the drive was making some weird noises. Tried it in a different player, same thing. Solution was to skip to the next chapter right before the “trouble spot”. Missed about 5 minutes of action.

So I thought about returning it, after all you can’t have a broken disk on your shelf now can you? Only problem was it was sent from the UK (courtesy of, plus it was quite cheap too. So, I ended up just ordering a new copy, and even outdid myself and got the 3 disk collectors edition! Movies are quite simply too cheap…



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