When Worlds collide


I was stupid enough to sell my iSight back right after they were discontinued, thinking I would for sure get one built-in on my next Mac, being it a MacBook, or an iMac. Now however, I’m leaning more and more towards a Mac Pro (just waiting for a refresh). So then what? I could get an Xbox Live Vision camera… but first I wanted to try out an old iRez Kritter USB I had laying around. Not only is it old (the color is all the proof you need), I never remember it as being very good either. Not to mention it looks way too much like the tripod from War Of The Worlds! Still, if it means I can avoid a new investment, that would be nice. So let’s see how it looks in my WELL LIT LIVING ROOM….


Right. I think I’ll be getting the Xbox Live Vision.

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