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I’m sure many of you are familiar with the shareware game Elastomania for Windows. Well, there is an open source alternative: X-Moto. It’s available for Mac, Linux and Windows. In every way it seems to rip off Elastomania, down to the graphics. Still, this means I can play the cult classic on my Mac 🙂

[via MacApper]


Ah, the old reliable Mac. You can’t just toss it away, right? After all, it’s still working perfectly fine, albeit a bit slow. I guess I can stretch the rules here, and say that this might also apply to a PC.

So, what do you use your old computer for when you upgrade your setup?

I just “replaced” my PowerBook with a Mac Pro. Replace is not the right word, as it will keep serving me for on-the-go needs, but at least it’s no longer also my desktop computer. I decided I had to use it for SOMETHING, so here’s what I did, and how.

Alarm clock
I was sick and tired, well mostly sick, and later tired, of the old bleep-bleep alarm clock. Why not wake up to your favorite tunes instead? So I placed the PowerBook in my bedroom and installed Awaken on it (thanks again, Kiro). Since my PowerBook didn’t come with an Apple Remote, I was lucky to have my Keyspan Remote around. I’m still in the process of setting it all up, but it seems to be working pretty good 🙂

Nothing is better than having a dedicated box for torrents. I use Apple Remote Desktop to control the PowerBook from my Mac Pro, adding and administering torrents. File transfers between Macs is done via regular file sharing.

Syncing of Work on the go
I bring my PowerBook to school. And when I come home, I want to keep working on the files, on my Mac Pro. So how can I keep my project folder in sync between the two computer easily? My current plan is to use Transmit, and it’s syncing option. Transmit also supports Bonjour, which makes connecting to the computers a breeze. I’ll have to experiment a bit more before I settle for a solution. If you have any better suggestions, leave them below!

That’s basically my list. Voice off in the comments if you have a retired computer that you use yourself.

PS: I have more Joost invites if anyone’s interested. Just leave a comment with a valid email address and I’ll send them out as soon as I can. If I get more comments then I have invites, I’ll send out the rest once I get more invites. So comment away!


So I’ve had the Mac Pro for a couple of days now, and while it’s totally rad on the whole, there are a few things that could’ve worked out a bit smoother…

One of my external disks, the only one to only feature USB2 (brought me nothing but problems), refuses to pop up if I connect it directly to the Mac Pro. However, if I hook it up to the HUB in my Dell display, which is in turn connected to the Mac Pro, all is fine. Weird, I know. It’s usually the other way around.

As some of you will know, I currently use the Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530. I have never, and still can’t, say anything bad about the hardware Logitech make. The software on the other hand… All was fine on my PowerBook, but I guess something just went terribly wrong once they tried making it work with Intel Macs. At first I used v2.1, which I knew some people had luck with (as opposed to 2.1.1 – 2.1.3). Finder kept crashing. Then I tried out USB Overdrive, which didn’t recognize all of the buttons, and of course none of the extra buttons on my keyboard. Tried SteerMouse, same thing. As I’m writing this, I’ve had v2.0 of Logitechs Control Center installed for a few minutes, and we shall see how it goes. I hope to write a lil review of the set at a later point.

This being my first Mac with multiple sound outputs, it was also the first time I came to realise that plugging in a pair of headphones did infact NOT override the other devices (aka speakers). Speakers connected on the line out in the back, headphones in the jack on the front. Solution is SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba. It let’s you quickly select both input and output sources from a menu extra. It actually kinda beats having to plug the headphones in and out, now I can just leave them plugged in all the time. Huzzah!


Joost Invites


Quick note: finally got Joost up and running. Got 3 invites. Still left out in the cold? Leave a comment (use the email address that you will want to use with Joost). First 3 will get an invite. If you comment and already HAVE a Joost account, please say so. Also: Joost for Mac is still Intel only, no need to grab an invite from someone else if you can’t run it anyway 🙂 Good luck!


Too… Busy… check out the pictures!


I admit, I’m not eating out a whole lot. Today was different. In more ways than the aforementioned. When we got inside, and was showed a table, the waiter asked if we were familiar with the ordering system there. No? Basically, following the menu, was a piece of paper and a pen. The object of the game was to simply write down what you wanted. Ok, you actually put a check mark next to the things you wanted. Eh? Why was there even a waiter there?

Is this a common thing? Anyone else experienced this 2.0-ish ordering system?


Jp Mario Kart AdNow as you might already know, Japanese video clips often crack me up. This ad for the Nintendo DS game Mario Kart is no exception. The Japanese are just too good at imitating the stereotypes of an American, an Italian and a Frenchman. Needless to say, the bloke to the left is your typical Frenchman.


Steven Frank of Panic fame is looking back on the ten years that passed since Panic was founded. AND, let slip that Monday will see the introduction of “by far our biggest, most ambitious new software launch of all time”. And that you should “check it out, especially if you make web sites”. Can’t wait!

Update: looks like Panic isn’t the only one doing big things.


“Microsoft Silverlight Pits High Def WMV Against Flash For Web Streaming”. This was a headline from Gizmodo.

So while you were all too busy with Apples announcements at NAB, Microsoft made a little announcement of their own. Silverlight. What is it? A development platform and browser plugin, a direct competitor to Flash. Video and interactivity, vector graphics, cross platform. The big feature seems to be HD video. And at first I thought: HD video? What’s so revolutionary? What about WMV9? What about QuickTime?

Even if Microsoft shows off Silverlight with some hot new movie trailers, there is more to Silverlight than just video. Indeed it is just like Flash. You could make games with it!

A couple of things I like about Silverlight: chapters markers. Just like a DVD. That’s neat. I know DivX has it too, but who cares. When was the last time you saw DivX implemented on a website? And it has this nice little button you can click to play the video full screen. Again, just like Flash – but why isn’t this in QuickTime? So many times I watch a QuickTime video on a website, and I wish I could just double-click it or something to play it full screen.

My biggest concern however: can Microsoft pull it off? Flash is a very popular technology. People know the development tools, and it IS powerful. Even if CS3 was just released (and I wouldn’t expect a new major version in another year or two), how difficult would it be for Adobe to add HD video, one of Silverlight’s major selling points (if it’s not already there)?

Plus, isn’t one of the reasons why Flash is so popular for video, the simple fact that it comes pre-installed on mostly every computer? Ah, and Silverlight is Windows and Mac, no Linux. Flash on the other hand…


Dharma Labels


Lost ColaInsanely Great Tees posted these LOST Dharma Labels that I came across today. I dunno what you would actually use them for, save putting them on, you know, cans of beer or cola. Still, I thought it was pretty darn cool 🙂 Oh and check out their shirts, some are actually kind of cool (if you’re a nerd)!



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