Website V SmallAgain, as soon as one source has a story, others seem to follow. And yet again, I felt I had to chime in with my own twist to it.

Both Glenn and Kiro detail how to save a website as a image or pdf file with Safari. Neither one interest me however, as I’m a Firefox user. So after digging around a bit, I found a add-on called Screengrab!. It will let you save the complete page/frame, the visible content, or a draggable selection – either to disk as a png file, or to the clipboard. It also supports flash content, unlike some other options out there. Smooth!


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  1. 1 Paul

    Hey, that’s pretty cool.
    Sometimes when I want inspiration for a design, I obviously go looking at web sites, but sometimes I wish I could see the whole page without having to scroll, or sometimes I want to analyze the design in Photoshop as a whole. This will certainly help. Thank you, fellow human being.

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