A couple days ago I started replacing the smilies used in WordPress (for entries and comments), into iChat-style icons. First I took a look at the smilies included with WP, located under your_wp_folder/wp-includes/images/smilies. Then I had a look at the iChat icons, found under iChat.app/Contents/Resources. Some icons were quite easy to replace, as they communicated the same feeling/emotion. Others however, were not so simple.

Today I found a few more icons in the same style as iChat. Some direct rip-offs, other were new icons made in the same fashion. These were part of a PHPBB installation. No idea who originally made them.

Because of legal matters, I won’t be posting any download links, but if you are smart enough to locate my smilies folder (some right-clicking might help), feel free to grab them. Not all of them have been replaced, and there are some duplicates. No hotlinking please. Also, if you make any changes or improvements, I would appreciate it if you email me the changes (address in the sidebar).

But first are foremost: I made these changes for you my dear readers 🙂


8 Responses to “iChat-style icons in the comments”  

  1. 1 Anna
  2. 2 Andreas

    Wow, you’re on a roll here with your comments 🙂 I appreciate it! Interesting concept indeed. Kind of an extension to SMS language. Not sure it’ll catch on though. And not smooth enough for my site, most definitely.

  3. 3 Smaran

    Thanks, Andreas! Installing now. 😉

  4. 4 Hans

    Since I wanted my visitors to choose their own smilies from the list, I used the more-smilies plugins and I’ve adapted one for WordPress called Cloudy.

    You could adapt the ichat icons to smilies and make it available for download…… would you like that? or do you think that’s illegal?

  5. 5 Andreas

    I wouldn’t want to do that Hans, but feel free to do it yourself. I would just rather stay out of the distribution though, for legal matters, as mentioned above 😉

  6. 6 Hedi

    Very very cool blog! I love the theme/content (just like I told you a few minutes ago).
    Thanks for sharing this “trick”, a Mac lover can’t be indifferent to that!!!

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