Note: this is a paid review.

Apogee Search is a internet marketing company who specializes in helping clients with marketing online. From setting up campaigns with Google Adwords, to optimizing your site for search engines and setting up affiliate programs.

One part of their website caught my attention: Search Engine Marketing Glossary

This is basically a huge, and I mean HUGE list of terms related to search-engines.

How about Slurp, or Inktomi Slurp. If you’ve studied the log files on your web server at some point, you have no doubt come across this spider (or crawler). Turns out the Slurp spider, developed by Inktomi (no I’ve never heard of them either) was bought out by Yahoo at some point, and that it is indeed Yahoo who have been crawling your spaces whenever you see the Slurp. I suddenly got very thirsty…

It’s not all just technical stuff here. What exactly is a Google Bomb for instance? Oh right, Mr Bush would know the answer to that one 😉

Other interesting terms are Flog, Google Dance and the Google Death Penalty.

I honestly found a lot of fun facts from this list. It might not look super exciting at first glance, but if you run a website, and are a bit geeky, you might actually learn a thing or two. Like I did.

Oh and don’t forget your Link Condoms people! They will protect you against evil.



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