One important thing when you run a blog is to know your visitors. You can of course learn a lot by looking at which of your entries are getting the most comments, or if you use FeedBurner, you can get a peek at your RSS stats. General stats however, are often overlooked.

If you host your own blog, chances are you have some sort of ugly stats software already at your disposal, like Analog, AWStats or Webalizer. Neither of these are made specifically to track a blog, and it shows. This is why I installed Mint a couple months ago. Mint is everything the aforementioned aren’t. It’s pretty, it’s modern and it does exactly what you expect, and a little more.

Mint is not a hosted service, you will need to install it on your own server. The process is pretty straight forward however, and shouldn’t prove to be a problem if you have ever installed any software/scripts before. If you are a bit shaky in this area, there is a screencast to help you through it. And yes, you have to add a little snippet of Java-Script to the header of all pages. This will take you a total of 2 seconds if you use WordPress, be warned.

Mint has all the 2.0 and AJAX that you would expect, also known as bells and whistles.

What’s even more, is that Mint has an open plugin architecture. Adding plug-ins, called Peppers, is as easy as a drag and drop operation. Peppers will let you track things like local searches, or fetch your RSS stats from FeedBurner. I have a few additional Peppers myself, and if your eyesight is above normal, you might catch some of them below. Yes, it’s the paranoia haunting me.


If you are at all serious about your blogging, or your “other” website, Mint should not be overlooked. Is it for you? Maybe, maybe not, but at least check out the demo, screenshots and list of additional Peppers.

Yes, all this leetness comes at a price. And that price my friend, is $30. Definitely worth it in my book.

If you aren’t cool enough for Mint (get it?), there is always the recently released (and free) Automattic Stats plugin for WordPress.


4 Responses to “Tastes like Mint”  

  1. 1 Marvin Sum

    I too have purchased Mint, and I’ve found it to be an incredible tool. The data is just so simple to interpret, compared to something more complicated like Google Analytics. Love the additional peppers.

    I think that’s the best $30 I’ve spent on blogging so far.

  2. 2 Andreas

    I couldn’t agree more. The price is just right. It’s so much prettier than anything else out there, which is of uttermost importance for any Mac user 😉 And it does a really good job overall. Plus of course the Pepper thing is just great. Opens up a whole new dimension.

  3. 3 Marvin Sum

    Actually I’ve found another tool called ReInvigorate. Looks rather promising judging from the previews so far, but it’s still in private beta.

  4. 4 Andreas

    Wow, that looks quite promising indeed. Will have to keep my eyes open 😉 Thanks for the tip!


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