Not sure how exciting this is, but I managed to get on tv again. This time I just happened to be at car show, and got to voice my opinion on expensive cars, like the Honda Legend. Yes I speak some weird language, it could be the language of the Hobbits.


6 Responses to “TV appearance again”  

  1. 1 Anna

    two questions: where can the first appearance be admired and what are you saying in this cute language (my educated guess: something along the lines “yes, this carriage is perfect for beer barrel and magic fireworks transportation”)?

  2. 2 Andreas

    Haha, pretty close Anna, pretty close indeed 😉
    I don’t have the other appearance(s) online atm. And really: why on earth would you want to see them? 🙂

  3. 3 Smaran

    Cool! I want to learn Norwegian.

  4. 4 H

    You shoud try it! It’s easy as pie (that is making pie, not eating it)

  5. 5 Morghus

    I kept having this impression you were about to drool over that car. How far am I from the truth? 😉

  6. 6 Andreas

    Actually, I was about to walk right past it when the reporter stopped me 😀 It’s a nice car and all, but there are many other cars I’d rather have for that price.


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