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AboutpageMarvin just posted an article called “The Importance of an ‘About’ Page“. The ironic thing, or rather the two ironic things are: I was thinking about this matter just yesterday, and second, that is also when Marvin wrote his post. I’m making a wild guess, but a couple factors lead me to believe my blog is part of the reason he wrote the article.

First: why is there no About page here? Those of you who followed my blog prior to the redesign will know I not only had an About page, but also several other sub pages. When time came to redesign, I wanted to trim down as much unneeded crap as possible. And really, what else is there to tell besides the info in my sidebar? I could list my interests and hobbies, but unless those are reflected in my posts, I’m doing this whole blogging thing all wrong, and should probably just stop. I want you to get to know me through my writing. If that doesn’t suffice, I have once again failed.

Now to the matter I was thinking about yesterday. Photos.
Put up a little picture of yourself on the blog. If there’s anything that’ll bring your readers closer, and make them feel like they know you, it’s a picture. The name of your pet, or when you got your first Mac / kiss (depending on interests) doesn’t really interest me. If I have seen a picture of you though, it is more than likely to pop up in my head whenever I read something you wrote. In a completely non-creepy way, of course.

About info, sure. About *pages*? Not necessary. Picture(s) – yes please!


2 Responses to “About Me”  

  1. 1 Marvin Sum

    Hey Andreas, thanks for the link. I think both methods (short info vs. a dedicated page) have their own advantages/disadvantages. You’ve brought up an interesting angle though.

    I actually wrote that post during ProBlogger’s group writing project because I noticed a fair number of blogs without any personal info on the blogger. Anyways, look for my follow-up post on 50Volts soon.

  2. 2 Andreas

    I’m definitely looking forward to your follow-up 🙂


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