Following up on yesterdays article about finding replacements for the software you used to love so much in Windows, it’s time to look at replacements for all the great games that come bundled.

Just like yesterday, the list of Windows games and the respective descriptions are borrowed from Wikipedia.

Game Description Mac Replacement
Chess Titans A version of Chess. Chess (included with OS X)
FreeCell A version of FreeCell. PySol
Hearts A version of Hearts using Black Lady scoring. 3D Hearts Deluxe ($19.95)
InkBall A game employing the use of a stylus or mouse to draw lines to direct balls into holes of corresponding colors. Enigmo ($19.95)
Mahjong Titans A version of Mahjong solitaire. MyMahj / Bo-Jong / Mahjong Solitarus ($17)
Minesweeper A version of Minesweeper. BombSquad / XMines
Purble Place An educational game for children, teaching pattern recognition, shapes, and colors. LuaLua ($19.95) / Plopp ($19.50) / Giggles ($19.99)
Solitaire A version of Klondike Solitaire. PySol
Spider Solitaire A version of Spider Solitaire. PySol

If you are serious about Mac gaming, or just curious about what is offered, have a look at the excellent Inside Mac Games website.

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5 Responses to “Switching to Mac: Getting Your Minesweepers and Solitaires Back”  

  1. 1 Ole M

    Solitaire XL is also a great and simple Solitaire game for OS X.

  2. 2 Andreas

    Thanks for the suggestion Ole. Looks nice 🙂

  3. 3 Speed Games

    if the speed game check into my free site filled with numerous speed games 🙂

  4. 4 Bernard

    An excellent free Mahjong game for Mac is available at http://www.in-poculis.com/games/mahjong.html

    This game is Mahjong In Poculis, contains 300 layouts, 3 playing mode, 6 fun themes, world ranking on In Poculis’ website…

    Give it a try, Mahjong In Poculis is far better than Mahjong Titans and is free.

  5. 5 Hercules

    Look at Seagoing Minesweeper for Mac on the Mac App Store

    – Predefined difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, expert, custom).
    – Custom game with any density and field size (limited by your screen only).
    – Resize window to change field size of the custom game.
    – Inspector panel with live game statistics (3BV, IOE, RQP, IOS, mines per cell ratio, click counters).
    – Save/load game with statistics and recorded gameplay as well in extremely small-sized file.
    – Autosave
    – Timer to thousands of a second.
    – All clicking techniques available including chording and double-clicking.
    – First click has no mine.
    – Control left click to simulate right click.
    – Command-R shortcut to restart game or right-click at the end of the game.
    – Mark suspected mines.
    – Best games are recorded in a high score table.
    – Playback any game: play/pause/stop/navigate.
    – Double-click on a record in the high score table to view and playback game.
    – Create your own themes (grid cell images; window background as color, image, quartz composition; text) or use preset ones.
    – Animation effects.
    – Sound effects.
    – Export game to movie.


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