One of the things I’ve been working on lately is a theme for the RSS reader Cyndicate that was just released yesterday. My theme, Bethrood, is actually included as the default. Click the tiny thumbnail for a bigger version. If you still haven’t joined the wonderful world of RSS (or you are simply stuck with the useless NewsFire), I recommend that you try out Cyndicate. The developers behind it are the same people that brought you Pulp Fiction, one of the early RSS readers for the Mac. One of the innovative features of Cyndicate is ratings. At least check out their site!

I was not paid to write this 🙂


5 Responses to “Time to Cyndicate”  

  1. 1 hardcoreUFO

    How is this better than NewsFire, exactly? Because it treats feeds like mail? Its the wrong approach, I think. Feeds are a different animal, and need to be treated as such. The interface is pretty clean, though there are some usability quirks, such as a 4-finger hotkey combination required to mark all as read.

    Newsfire is still the class of the field — slick, simple interface and lightning fast. Glad to see a robust field of competition though.

  2. 2 Belvedere Unilateral

    these programs, i can not really see the point, why not just use the browser as one is supposed to!? think of all the people that have devoted all of their lives into making the wonderful internet explorer browser, use it and pay tribute to their work! ( i am not being paid by Microsoft to write this…) the time has come to bring down all kinds of forums, newsgroups and the like! destroy them all, long live the explorer counter – revolution! ps: yer skin is kinda nice thought… how bout makin it a bit more pro bush?

  3. 3 Andreas

    hardcoreUFO: a simple google search will turn up dozens of horror stories about NewsFire and it’s author. I can only speak from my own experience though, and it is that NewsFire crashes repeatedly, and the author doesn’t respond to a single email. Like I said, a google search will confirm that this is not just me ranting. I also can’t say that I think Cyndicate treats feeds as email. It is actually pretty similar in use to most other readers.

    And again, I just made the theme, and have no affiliation with the Cyndicate developers. Honestly, I still use NetNewsWire myself. There have been a lot of new RSS readers popping up lately, and like you pointed out, competition is good.

    Belvedere: thanks for the comments and suggestions. The theme is not really under my control any more though, so I don’t think I’ll tweak it any further. Perhaps I’ll make one or more new ones though, who knows.

  4. 4 Smaran

    I don’t think this is better than NewsFire. I’ve tried all the different Mac RSS readers: Vienna, NetNewsWire, NewsLife, Cyndicate… none of them even come close to NF.

  5. 5 Smaran

    Also, I’ve been using NewsFire for over a year and it’s crashed on me all of… one time. The developer is a friend of mine. Nice guy, David. Maybe he just has too much e-mail coming in?


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