Boot Camp woes


I’ve been a happy user of VMware Fusion and Vista for several months now, but it ain’t much for gaming, especially given that there is no DirectX support whatsoever. So I thought it might be time to give Boot Camp a try. How very wrong I was…

First off, I decided to play it safe and go with XP this time. I installed Boot Camp, and burned out a CD with all the Windows drivers. So far so good.

Then came the time to partition the drive…

First try: errors found. Time to run Disk Utility. I whipped up the first OS X CD I found (after a few years as an ADC member, you would be surprised how many I got). Wait, I can’t use this disk? Oh right, I need an Intel version now. Time to find the big box that my Mac came in. So I unload all the crap that sat on top of it, and finally managed to get the installation disks out. Booted from the first one, and ran Disk Utility. Volume Headers were repaired. Booted back into OS X.

Time to try again. No luck. Some files could not be moved, so the partition failed. Tried again a few times, with various partition sizes. No luck.

Decided to screw up my backup disk and try partitioning it. Finally – partitioned.

“Click restart to start Windows installation”. Click. Dock, menu bar, everything disappears. Except for the desktop. It just sits there. Now what? After 30 mins I decide to pull the plug. Silence. Plugging it back in, Windows installer actually loads after a while. Painfully watching a progress bar in all it’s DOS glory. Man, this thing really does my monitor justice!

Ok, time to reboot again and get the setup process started. Booting… booting… booting… DISK ERROR!?!? Time to pull that plug again. Repeat X20. OK, so I got a fubar installation. How do I get back to OS X? Shouldn’t holding down the mouse button on boot eject the CD? Well it didn’t. And space should allow you to select boot disk? Either I’m still stuck in the OS 9 way, or my mind is playing tricks with me. Some Googling revealed the magic key: option.

Phew, now I’m back. The backup disk is formatted and ready for new backup duties.

Apple: you did a terrible job, and I hope Leopard does it better.

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2 Responses to “Boot Camp woes”  

  1. 1 Hallvard

    I’ll just go ahead and be that guy: That’s what you get for using a beta

  2. 2 Andreas

    Hey, every blog needs a douche bag, right? 😉 I know, I know, I will quit using beta software. Then again, isn’t everything beta these days? We still use Gmail, right? And it works. Claiming that something is beta just doesn’t work any more, people still expect it to work flawlessly.


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