I am sure many of you podcast lovers out there already heard about the new weekly show from Revision3, Tekzilla. Starting this coming Friday. But if all you saw was the trailer included in the latest Diggnation / Infected episodes, you might still not know a lot about it.

I present you what I know based on this Wired article and this forum thread:

– weekly show
– 30 minute episodes
– hosts: Patrick Norton and Jessica Corbin (and more?)
– not live
– will replace InDigital
– same style as The Screensavers and DL.TV, aka. “your standard variety show, with how-to segments, call in questions, product reviews, and interviews”.

I’m guessing call in questions will be done via Jangl or Skype.
Given that it replaces InDigital, I’m guessing that Tekzilla will be just as much about gadgets as it will be about computers.
I’m so excited!!



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