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Leopard was finally made available for pre-order today. Ten days until launch. I’m pretty excited 🙂 I have stayed away from the rumor sites and their screenshots on purpose. Nothing can ruin it for me now! Time to fetch that bottle of wine?

Are you getting leopard on release day? What features are you upgrading for?


The demo for what I would consider the most anticipated game of the year is now available for download. It’s a short one, just so you know. Still, wow. It has all the game play elements that made the second one so good. In fact, it feels a bit like the second game but in a more modern setting. The graphics are awesome too. And for the first time, I don’t hate the addition of night vision goggles in a game. I actually like the night vision mode so much I wish there was more of it in the demo.

So if you have a Windows-running machine, go grab the demo now.

Oh, and this was posted with the ecto3 beta. Yes, ecto3 is out of alpha and into beta. If that has kept you from trying it out earlier, now might be a good time.



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