Magazine rack


Continuing my series on nifty things to put in a (my) apartment, how about a place to put your magazines? Granted, if you don’t read a lot of magazines, this is not for you. And if you read boring looking newspapers, you might also be better off with a basket of some sort. If on the other hand you read stuff where someone went to great lengths to make the cover look good, why stove it away? I mounted mine right next to the sofa so I don’t have to get up in order to grab something to read 😉



The rack is from the same company that made the invisible bookshelf.


3 Responses to “Magazine rack”  

  1. 1 annikken

    Love both the book shelf and the magazine rack! Love your new appartment!
    Aat least the pictures…)

  2. 2 annikken

    And most of all I love my “badge”!

  3. 3 Andreas

    Thanks a lot Annikken 🙂


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