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Growing a Skin


Hed Kandi design iPodOld-time readers of this blog will know that I have yet to hop on the iPhone/iPod Touch train. In fact, I haven’t even hopped on the nano train, the shuffle train, the photo train, the U2 train, the product red train or… well I’m still sporting the old iPod mini.

But why swap it out if it still works, right? The iPod is really only used in the car, so with it having a constant stream of power, old, dying batteries are not an issue. It might look a bit old and boring whenever I take it out of the glove compartment though. What is a man to do? I thought about spray painting it in a color that would match my car, but I know from experience that anything I paint turns out less than durable.

Solution: get a skin. I took a look at both GelaSkins as well as DecalGirl. None really interested me however. Then I came across Skinit, where you can make your own! You simply upload a picture from your computer and a few days later it shows up in your mailbox printed on high quality 3M tape. For $20 plus s&h, it’s not at all bad.

After uploading a dozen pictures and trying a few different designs, I decided on using a wallpaper I found on the net, inspired by cd covers from the Hed Kandi series of club music. I think it turned out great, and it’s perfect for the summer that’s right around the corner in this part of the world.

I chose to cover the scroll wheel and button as well (they all still work), but I might have skipped the scroll wheel had I used it for controlling the iPod most of the time. But like I say: it works, even with the decal on. Also, I didn’t need to put in an effort to avoid air bubbles. All in all a painless application. Skinit seems to offer decals for just about every gadget under the sun, including all major portable music players, cellphones and laptops. More pictures below.


Saw this ad in a brochure that dropped in my mailbox today. So basically it’s this swimming pool place, and it looks like a place I would want to be at this time of the year. Only problem is: where is it? Well the ad lists a website URL, maybe I could log on and see if there is an address? Or I could call the phone number in the ad. If you notice to the right of the ad though, you will find… GPS coordinates! Yes, GPS coordinates – but no address. If this is how companies will start branding themselves, then I might have to pick up a unit for sure. Punching it into Google Maps and making a printout would just seem terribly old-fashioned…


After struggling for a few days, I finally managed to put together a theme (or style as they are called in NNW) for NetNewsWire, the RSS reader I assume most Mac users rely on. You might remember earlier I made a theme for Cyndicate. Back then, I also made a theme called “Apples and Oranges”.

This theme made the basis for my new theme: I Like Candy!

I started out creating a pink theme, but ended up putting together a total of 3 different color schemes, and thus the following themes were born:

I Like Pink Candy

I Like Lime Candy

I Like Aqua Candy

Click each thumbnail for larger view.

Feel free to make any changes you wish to the themes. Redistribute to your hearts content. If you make any changes I would love to see what you did, so I’d appreciate it if you let me know.

Thanks to Alex Hong and Nicholas Shanks for help with some CSS issues.

Download all three versions.


A couple links


Just wanted to share a couple links today.

The first is a simple tutorial on how to use any flash movie/file you find on the net as a screensaver in OSX. The second is a couple clips from South Park taking on the YouTube craze. Re-discover the Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa and Dramatic Chipmunk (or whatever it is).




So I went to see a dentist today. Gotta admit I was a bit scared. Only had one hole though, so it wasn’t as bad as I expected. You know how those dentists are though, always telling you to brush your teeth, and to swap out the cola for coffee. So I did. Wonder what my dentist says to a cup of overly sweet caramel coffee with not one, not two, but a handful of marshmallows 😀 I say yum!



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