Growing a Skin

Hed Kandi design iPodOld-time readers of this blog will know that I have yet to hop on the iPhone/iPod Touch train. In fact, I haven’t even hopped on the nano train, the shuffle train, the photo train, the U2 train, the product red train or… well I’m still sporting the old iPod mini.

But why swap it out if it still works, right? The iPod is really only used in the car, so with it having a constant stream of power, old, dying batteries are not an issue. It might look a bit old and boring whenever I take it out of the glove compartment though. What is a man to do? I thought about spray painting it in a color that would match my car, but I know from experience that anything I paint turns out less than durable.

Solution: get a skin. I took a look at both GelaSkins as well as DecalGirl. None really interested me however. Then I came across Skinit, where you can make your own! You simply upload a picture from your computer and a few days later it shows up in your mailbox printed on high quality 3M tape. For $20 plus s&h, it’s not at all bad.

After uploading a dozen pictures and trying a few different designs, I decided on using a wallpaper I found on the net, inspired by cd covers from the Hed Kandi series of club music. I think it turned out great, and it’s perfect for the summer that’s right around the corner in this part of the world.

I chose to cover the scroll wheel and button as well (they all still work), but I might have skipped the scroll wheel had I used it for controlling the iPod most of the time. But like I say: it works, even with the decal on. Also, I didn’t need to put in an effort to avoid air bubbles. All in all a painless application. Skinit seems to offer decals for just about every gadget under the sun, including all major portable music players, cellphones and laptops. More pictures below.

2 thoughts on “Growing a Skin”

  1. Tøft!! Det ble fint:)

    Jeg hadde også den gamle minien frem til jul, og hadde store planer om å ha den helt til den døde (holdt 2,5 år, storfornøyd!), men så fikk jeg nanoen av mamma som hadde vært i asia til jul, med krav om at hun da skulle få min gamle mini. Så nesten litt uvillig ble vi adskilt. men den funker bra fortsatt hos mamma da heldigvis.

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