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Well first off rumors has it that iTunes 8 is causing some minor problems for Vista users (just a few bluescreens) – my Mac unfortunately didn’t fare much better…

Kernel Panic!

Once up and running though, everything was smooth. No need to mention the obvious (and announced) new features, like Genius and the new visualizer. What I was really excited to see is that for the first time, iTunes is half-decent at playing back video. Yes, I no longer have to keep QuickTime Player handy for my video podcasts.

As for how I kept up to date during the press event… for the first few minutes, I was on my Mac, chatting, listening to Cali Live and refreshing Gizmodo and Engadget. Then I got tired and put Cali on the tv and Gizmodo and Engadget on the iPhone 🙂

Cali Live



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