Working as a designer I know a few things about getting content to use in your design work. Stock photos, fonts, vectors… Things like that used to be expensive. Nowadays though, with sites like iStockphoto, everyone can afford quality content. And still some seem too lazy or too cheap to do it…

Photoshop Disasters, one of my favorite blogs, ran a post on this very topic a couple days ago.

That same day, I got a catalog in the mail from upscale stores in the area, and on one page I am presented with some expensive dresses under the headline “modernized 80s style”. But what is this?


Where they tried spelling out “80-talls” (80s), there is some weird character in place. Almost looks like a font where some of the characters are missing.


The question is: do designers hope that nobody will notice, or do they indeed not even notice it themselves?

28 Days Later font available at dafont. Go crazy. Just don’t try to use any non-alphanumerical chars.



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