Not The Next Photoshop


Daring Fireball picks up some truly horrid user interfaces every now and then, though most of them are from the Windows world. I present you with an alternative for the Mac, and you really have to click for the full size image to witness all the glory.

Rainbow Painter “is an advanced image editor aimed at both professionals and amateurs who want to retouch photos, paint and draw” and was also “named as one of “Ten Tools You Shouldn’t Be Without” in the book “Internet For iMacs For Dummies”.” Imagine THAT.

Why is there no menubar? Why is every edge of the screen cluttered with palettes? Why are they all different colors, and even patterns? Why does it remind me of Win 3.1? What’s with the compass-arrow-thingie in the upper-right corner? What’s the button “mouse button color” supposed to do? Can it really change the color of my mouse button? What if I have a multi-button mouse? A trackpad? Why are there no icons? Even the tools are represented by text! What does “paper color” mean, in a digital piece of software? Why doesn’t half of the buttons and options make any sense at all?

If this app is really “aimed at both professionals and amateurs” – which of the two groupings do the developer who made this screenshot belong to?

4 thoughts on “Not The Next Photoshop”

  1. I’m pretty sure someone would want to use a program with an interface like that, but I really hope they need to be colour blind or something.

    Pro-uses: “You will find a wide range of good life-like tools such as airbrush, oil, water-color or just a simple pen.”

    Seems they know their business at least.

  2. I gotta say I love that this is THE screenshot they are showing off at the front page. “Let’s show every single feature our app can do in one screenshot!”

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