Following this I thought I should post a few more pics here on the blog. Hopefully the new toy will provide even more content in the future!

D60 kit + SB-400 kit

Unpacking the flash. Were all these boxes really necessary? Also, the packaging is very un-Appleish 😛

Notice how the SB-400 wasn’t JUST the flash, but a kit? What separates this from just the flash, as far as I can tell, is that you also get a microfiber cloth stitched to a bag – and a lanyard. Swag in other words. Also a lil case for the flash.

Lots of paperwork in here. Manuals in every language possible, quick-start guides, warranty certificates, software and more.

More unimaginative packaging.

Camera body, lens, charger with cable, USB cable, battery, neck strap and a little piece of plastic that I haven’t bother to look up yet.

Managed to grab a hold of a Gorillapod and a memory card before the camera arrived. All set!