Would you like a sonata with that scan?

As a Mac user, one of the things I have to watch out for when buying new peripherals is whether or not the manufacturer has adequate support for my platform. Sure they might claim whatever on the packaging, but as soon as a new OS update is out, the device might stop working and no new drivers are being released.

I’ve long been a fan of Canon for imaging products (cameras, scanners, printers). And unlike most other companies out there, they really go that extra mile with their software. Where else would you find a scanner driver that plays music?



If you have the CanoScan Toolbox software installed, here is what you have to do: from the main window, click the “Save” button, from the next window that pops up, check the box “Use the scanner driver to make advanced settings”, hit the “Scan” button. From the next window that pops up, click the “Advanced mode” button, then choose the “Setting” tab and then the “Preferences” button. That should bring up the window you see above, and from there just click “Setting2” and then “Sound settings…” See? That wasn’t so hard. Now about that grayed out option…